Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Morning Time

Our early morning sitting spot with the light coming in. This is where we have our breakfast and tea every morning.
Here's miz Genevra blowing on a bite of rice porridge flavored with honey sweetened miso and ground sesame seed. Our friendly little electric rice cooker has cooked it up just right every time.

Here's a self portrait of me pouring out our morning sencha (green tea). (There are three cups because thats how much the pot holds and you have to pour it off all at once--I usually get the two coz Caitlin has to wait for hers to cool down.)
Our intrepid Monbukogakusho Government Scholar setting forth to face yet another day of intensive Japanese language classes--looking rather graduate-studently with her stylish overcoat and clutching her standard issue bookbag/briefcase. Gambate ne! [work hard!]