Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taco Party!

The day after the fishing trip we had a Taco Party at our place. We also ate the fish we had caught the day before which Makiko had prepared deliciously! Everybody had a great time.

Yuki and Daisuke digging in and enjoying their burritos.

Here's Yuki playing a mean air guitar to a recording of my old punk band from 15 years ago. He really liked it and even asked to hear it again when we took it off! Though you can't see it here, his 'guitar' that he's holding is a race car he got at the resturaunt we ate at on the way home from the ocean yesterday.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trip to the Chita Peninsula

Our friends Makiko and Daisuke invited us to go sea-fishing with them at a beach on the Chita Peninsula, about an hour by car from Nagoya... It was a tremendously enjoyable day and, much to my suprise, I think I've become a real fan of fishing!

Bradley's "fish"--actually more like a giant snail hooked by the edge of its shell.

Makiko's fish (!!)

And my (Caitlin's) fish--the first one I've ever caught! Mine and Makiko's were the only two fish caught.

The Pacific Ocean from its eastern shores...

An umi-ushi or "sea cow"--in a tide pool, it's about 6 inches long.

Closed-up sea urchins in the rocks

Another kind of sea creature--a "Yuki"!

And a rock crab, also in a tide pool...

The setting sun was a truly extradorinary spectacle--a searing red ball moving slowly down into the grey waves... Just before dark an older fishermen set out in his boat.