Monday, July 03, 2006

Nagoya Botanical Gardens

It's been awhile since my last post, but we haven't been doing much that is very photographable--just settling into a daily routine. Last weekend, we did spend the day at the Nagoya Botanical Garden which is just a few subway stops from our apartment... Here's an old pine tree growing out over the pond in the middle of the garden.

A bunch of roiling koi at the edge of the pond--they gather like this if you step up to a certain spot, probably they're used to being fed.

Here's a shot across the pond with the fountain and the little water-wheel. Behind that you can see the thatched roof of the "gassho zukuri" style farmhouse. Literaly it means "praying hands house" and refers to the A-frame type construction that is for sloughing off snow in winter. It is the centuries old traditional farmhouse construction style and there aren't many left like this one--the ones that are are usually designated national historical treasures.

Looking back across the pond from the other side.

Another shot of the outside of the house.

A smaller thatched roof house next to the big one.

Me tying my shoes after coming out of the house.

Here's a display of antique household implements--buckets, ladels, bowls and bottles...

I think this is some sort of mill for grinding grains--the t-shaped bar hangs from the ceiling and is attatched to one edge of the round wooden 'mill-stone' for turning it around.

Here's me at one of the two open hearths that are the center of the main room. You can see the drop ceiling section above the hearth where the kettle is hung from. Other than that, the ceiling is high and open. More implements on the wall behind, including woven straw boots, sandals and bags.

The front of the house showing a few white paper "shoji" screens from the outside.

Here's a shot of the beam-work in the roof of a small rest-area type hut out in the park.

The hut from the outside.

A great big stone lantern--probably 10 or 12 feet tall!