Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Summer Festival at Osu

Last weekend we went to the summer festival (matsuri) in the Osu Kannon area of Nagoya and had an interesting time. It was rainy earlier in the day. Here's a cute family dressed up in their summer kimonos (yukata) and visiting a temple. Lots of people wear yukatas to summer festivals.
Here's a crew setting up the fireworks that were to be set off later that night. We had to go home before they went off, though, and missed them.
Here's a picture Caitlin took while nearly being ploughed over by a parade float. How do you say "Get out of the way!!" again?
A squad of Taiko drummers doing their thing.
A stuffed bear in front of one of the shops.
A man dressed up as a blue fairy being interviewed by the media--yes, that's right. The world Cosplayers convention was in town and there was a parade. Cosplay is a Japanese word that is short of "costume play"--it is people who dress up like their favorite comic book or animation characters. I was actually sitting in the first and only Mexican resturaunt we've ever seen in Japan, enjoying a very tasty burrito when the cosplayers parade went by. The crowd trapped us in the resturaunt but we were able to snap the following bizarre shots...

The international language of: "Duuude!"

That's all folks!