Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trip to the Chita Peninsula

Our friends Makiko and Daisuke invited us to go sea-fishing with them at a beach on the Chita Peninsula, about an hour by car from Nagoya... It was a tremendously enjoyable day and, much to my suprise, I think I've become a real fan of fishing!

Bradley's "fish"--actually more like a giant snail hooked by the edge of its shell.

Makiko's fish (!!)

And my (Caitlin's) fish--the first one I've ever caught! Mine and Makiko's were the only two fish caught.

The Pacific Ocean from its eastern shores...

An umi-ushi or "sea cow"--in a tide pool, it's about 6 inches long.

Closed-up sea urchins in the rocks

Another kind of sea creature--a "Yuki"!

And a rock crab, also in a tide pool...

The setting sun was a truly extradorinary spectacle--a searing red ball moving slowly down into the grey waves... Just before dark an older fishermen set out in his boat.